Teen Girls Rock Life Coaching

We change the world by empowering one teen girl at a time to love, value and appreciate herself.

Are you worrying..

☑️ That your teen isn't ready to be an adult?
☑️ That you won't have a relationship with your daughter, once she turns 18?
☑️ That you haven't equipped your daughter to handle life?
☑️ That you will always walk on eggshells in your own house?

Are you wondering...

☑️ “Why does she shut me out when I'm trying to help her?”
☑️ “Why am I the only one who notices she is suffering?”
☑️ “When will the lying stop?”
☑️ “Have I failed her?

“The wounded child inside many females is a girl who was taught from early childhood on that she must become something other than herself, deny her true feelings, in order to attract and please others.”
bell hooks


👉🏽 Reassurance that you have not failed your daughter
👉🏽 Skills to help you reconnect and communicate with her effectively
👉🏽 To know that you are not alone in your frustration
👉🏽 Hope that it's not too late to have a great relationship with your daughter


👉🏽 To learn how to communicate without yelling and having her emotions run her
👉🏽 To know she is beautiful, worthy, and valuable just as she is
👉🏽 To learn how to manage her emotions especially when she’s angry or sad
👉🏽 To trust that you are on her side

"With Rae's guidance, I went from a dysfunctional teen with no ability to regulate my emotions, to a successful business owner with lasting relationships and stability. I can say with certainty that I would not be the person that I am without Rae and I will always be grateful for her teaching me how to be the best version of myself". - Hannah


We equip teen girls to transform their emotional chaos to calm, confidence and clarity and give parents certainty that their daughters will thrive in the face of life's challenges.☀️ Coaching for Teen Girls ☀️
We believe that every teen girl is precious, powerful and deserves protecting- emotionally and physically. Coaching is the modern version of rites of passage that teaches teen girls the practices and mindset to develop into the best versions of themselves, like Hannah.
☀️ Coaching for Parents ☀️
We believe that every mom wants to, and needs to be, the first reflection of feminine strength and wisdom in her daughter's life. Coaching provides community and practical guidance for moms to nourish her teen daughter's emotional development and sense of self during adolescence, the hardest and most pivotal time to parent.
We also believe that every father is the first man in his daughter's life and leaves an imprint of how she embodies capability and strength in the world. He also serves as the template of her expectations of all men in her life.Teen Girls Rock Life Coaching offers transformation across generations. Both parents and daughter experience individual healing which creates the opportunity to develop trust and connection that lasts a life time. Of course, individual healing powerfully and positively impacts the health and happiness of the entire family for generations.

Rockstar mom and daughter, Norma & Ciara enjoying giggling with each other and Coach Rae while on their vacation!!

"Rae let my daughter express herself and taught her to be positive; everything was great! I noticed her confidence went up. She loved every workshop she had with Rae. She was very happy." - Sue (TGR Mom)

Dreams Do Come True

🧡 Asking you for help and inviting you into her life including her worries, successes, friendships and sometimes, simply wanting your "take"
🧡 Putting down her phone...and engaging in family time; requesting mother/daughter time not associated with buying her something or driving her to the mall
🧡 Navigating her emotions, apologizing when appropriate, and taking ownership of her behaviors.

☀️ Healed from childhood wounds that have imprisoned your thinking about yourself and your parenting.
☀️ Sleeping through the night; and feeling rested and peaceful upon awaking
☀️ No longer alone but having a team of support that understands your fears and challenges and cheers you on as you
overcome them

🧡 Creating a foundation of trust, from consistency, clear boundaries which fosters understanding and mutual respect
🧡 Looking forward to seeing one another; both of you are relaxed and light even when disagreeing
🧡 Confidently and calmly communicating with your teen daughter; where you both experience being heard and understood


If this resonates with you and you want to learn the 5 Simple Steps to Reclaiming Your Relationship With Your Emotional Teen Daughter, click on Coach Rae's video

“When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious.”
Marianne Williamson


⭐ Yes, my daughter really enjoyed coming and spending time with you!
⭐ Yes definitely. The positive energy you bring out – it’s amazing!
⭐ Absolutely! Empowering kids and giving the[m] ownership of their thoughts, feelings and bodies is key to raise a happy successful girl.
⭐ Definitely! A phenomenal program – a must for young girls.
⭐ My daughter found talking to Rae very helpful. In fact, she preferred talking to Rae than her therapist she was referred to by her physician.

I talked to Rachel during an especially emotional and difficult time. She is so empowering, warm, thoughtful, and willing to listen with no judgement. I am very grateful to know her and to have had her support! -Haley

If you know the time is now, and you are ready for your relationship with your teen daughter to flourish, schedule your complimentary call with Coach Rae now

“Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.”
Rainer Maria Rilke